Yuppie Gamers Team

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wanna loose some weight? Ask EA!

At Yuppie Gamers we're not so big fan of WII gear and there's not much software of such platform that has make us fall in love ( besides that cool piece of code that "No More Heroes" is )
But Electronic Arts looks like has made some practice with its magic wand and after a videogames milestone like Dead Space, they've finally developed something that could bring our thumbs ( or our legs in that case ) on WIImotes again: EA Sports Active.

As professionals and hard-workers we don't have the time to join any gym or fitness club ( at least stealing some time to family affects and/or videogames...shame on us only for thinking about! ) and the EA code seems to be the right choice to clean some dust on our WII and start moving our fat asses at the same time!

Here's a video asset you should check to see how a WII can be easily transformed into a GYM:

Let's begin to sweat out there!!!


  1. so fat guys around at yuppie gamers?

  2. yep...we're really fatballs stuck to our chairs and our hands are so fat we can't even hold the PS3 pad without breaking it
    that's why i'm about to install a wii in our recreation aisle
    do you want to join our gym?it's free!