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Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Path Available!

If you've already got some news about Tale of Tales you should know that this small, independent game factory based in Belgium is the homeland of some really weird pieces of software such as "The GraveYard" ( a game where all the fun is to drive an old lady through her path into a graveyard, 'til she finally sits on a bench ).

Today,a new game has been released with the name of "The Path"

and it really promises to be a truly thrilling experience.

According to Tale Of Tales informations "The Path is a short horror game inspired by older versions of Little Red Ridinghood, set in modern day. The Path offers an atmospheric experience of exploration, discovery and introspection through a unique form of gameplay, designed to immerse you deeply into its dark themes. Every interaction in the game expresses an aspect of the narrative. The six protagonists each have their own age and personality and allow the player to live through the tale in different ways. Most of the story, however, relies on your active imagination.
The Path is designed with accessibility in mind. There are no ticking clocks or monsters to defeat. No hard puzzles will ever halt your progress. Most activities in the game are entirely optional and voluntary. The player has all the freedom in the world to explore and experience. The Path is a Slow Game."


  1. I really don't understand why so many people like you " OLD gamers " are interested to playing...

    You really don't find anything better to do?
    ..with sincere curiosity,


  2. I really think indie game developers are the only one who can innovate - big players tend to continue on their classical (and profitable) path. Thanks for the pointers!

  3. Hi sgrunt...what's the matter with having fun as old men and women? ( actually your nickname says all about that :-) ).
    Anyway i can find some few things better than playing videogames ( not necessarily in importance order ):
    - having sex
    - enjoying some tasteful food
    - travelling across Australia and get some tricks at manli beach with a latest-generation surfboard

    but none of them is simple, cheap and right at my hand as a videogame
    please continue reading us....you'll soon fall in love with videogames too

  4. Hi angry yuppie, I agree with sgrunt ...in my opinion spend a lot of time playing videogames is a manner to escape from real life? there are a lot of thing simple and cheap... like a good book, good free music by internet... and also sex... but the last it depend of you ;)

    I'm honestly considering buying PlayStation ... but for the blue ray, music and photos


  5. Good music is (almost) always encompassed within good games....let's take a look at Killer7 from japanese designer Suda51...there's some lounge, hip hop and ambient music that you really don't expect to find in such kind of media.
    Also internet is today stricly bound to games and you can experience community-like goods also playing multiplayer online games.
    In short, i guess it's only a prejudice manner to love or not videogames....and i'm ready to bet that you two, once tasted some cool videogames ( silent hill 2, killer7, fahrenheit ) really can't stop playing them...even having some sex from time to time :-)

  6. ..I'm sure you are " angry " 'couse you don't have enough sex :))) ...Play less and fuck more!!!! :D

    P.s. ....you are nice.. and I'll try to buy my first console!!

    have a nice day,

  7. "angry" nick i've chosen is more than appropriate spmetimes.
    i guess i'll follow your steps and i'll try to screw more...playing at the same time...it would be nice to see what happens doing so with eye-toy ( for those primitives like you ;-) , "eye-toy" is a party game based on a camera and YOU are in the game thanks to that camera ).

    P.S. ehy, please don't talk trash through my blog...children are reading! ;-)