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Monday, 16 March 2009

Boring Meeting? Try play Bored Meeting!

As "serious" professionals, we've been facing boring meetings every day...raise a hand who out there has had enough of drawing forecasts charts, fill spreadheet of revenue forecasts, report customer's account activities...etc...
A smart group of geeks ( Bumble ) has monetized all of such boring blah-blah-blah and brewed one of the most innovative and funny Xbox live arcade multiplayer games ever : Bored Meeting.

Also, as an official press release announces "due to Bored Meeting's positive reception both in the press and on the official Xbox popularity list, Bumble.bz announces a free online update under development to bring the smart, fun, and addictive game play into the Xbox Live arena - Gamers already enjoying Bored Meeting - or who purchase Bored Meeting in the interim - will receive the free online update through Xbox Live in the coming weeks."

Bored Meeting is available as a free trial and as a 400 Microsoft Point full version on Xbox Community Games.

Public game information at: http://www.bumble.bz/hive

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