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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

BioWare Announces Mass Effect 2

You love RPG but you don't have time to play so long? Mass Effect should be the right pick for you then! A cool plot and a triple-A engine bring to life a wonderful world ( no...not the Armstrong's one ) to explore....even in small pills as your time lets you free to sit in front the ( hopefully forever green ) ring of Xbox 360.

Prior to this, you have to rush to play the first Mass Effect...you have "only" one year to get done with it and buy the 2nd take of such a masterpiece: Electronic Arts Inc. has today officially announced Mass Effect™ 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the multi award-winning 2007 hit, Mass Effect.

The teaser trailer, provided to you as "real time news" by YuppieGamers, is here for the joy of your sight:

Mass Effect 2 is coming to PC and the Xbox 360 video game system in Early 2010.
And...yes...the game contains mature subject...so please take your children away from that evil piece of damnation


  1. What about Mass Effect "1"? How do you compare (e.g.) with Oblivion?

  2. Mass Effect style is pretty different from any other traditional RPG, including the ones with a real time combat system like Oblivion ( that is still one of my favourite RPG though ).

    Mass Effect is shorter that Oblivion and the quest system is easier to approach to simplify the game experience and let "gamers with a job and a family" ( like me and the target audience of this blog ) to complete the game without any anxiety.

    Moreover, the special effect and the plot of the game are closer to a real movie experience than Oblivion and its more recent "conversion" ( FallOut 3 ) that let more freedom to players but are quite less immersive than Bioware's masterpiece.

  3. It seems that ME2 has been slashdotted here: http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/03/20/0322255&art_pos=6

  4. Yep...Slashdot caught that news...but right after this freakin angry yuppie that borught to you the fresh news in near realtime! More informations will be available on Spike TV this week ( according to a deep throat that run such rumor thorugh twitter )