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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

OnLive: Phantom's plan B

We guess everyone out there is still laughing at Infinium 2002's Phantom announcements about
a "revolutionary game on demand service designed to direct-download gaming content through a broadband internet connection instead of using discs and cartridges"

Of course neither a small nibble of such announcement has been brough to reality and Phantom's console shown itself for the marketing fake that probably would have ever been since its beginning ...here's some press to deep dive the (old) news:
The Inquirer: Phantom console disappears
ExtremeTech:Surprise! Phantom Delays Game Service Again
Spong:Infinium’s Kevin Bachus Accused of Lying to US Courts
Ars Technica: True Infinium stories: the $73 million (and counting) Phantom disaster

But GDC P.R.s look like some memory fault is going on and a news has just break over there: a gaming on demand service that will allow you to play tons of best of breed videogames without buying expensive CDs or DVDs ( or BluRays to talk about something not belonging to Jurassic era ) but simply connecting to a game service datacenter through a broadband connection...sounds familiar isn't it?
This time the idea has been brewed by OnLive and this is "how it works":

Onlive plans look like Phantom's buried ones.
Anyway we wish to OnLive the best luck and congratulate with them for their bravery in launching a service during these tough times.

We believe that a good improvement to videogames lifestyle and market should come from Internet broadband's traditional services, such as DSL or WIMAX connections provided at lower prices to those users that mainly access such connections to play online...but that nothing online ( or offline ) could let us switch from our preferred GameStop shop to a download service.



  2. ehehehe...FAKE game service, REAL money for onlive

    -- HaKu --