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Thursday, 19 March 2009

UNITY : A Game Developer Tool

Game developer wannabe? You can't miss to attend Game Developers Conference ( whether or not the main GDC held in S.Francisco or one of the "children" editions arranged around the world ).
As GDC is about to kick-off ( 23-27th March 2009 ) some fresh news have just been released and brought to you by Yuppie Gamers...right in time!

As you might already have heard about UNITY game developement platform ( a sort of advanced game programming RAD-tools melted together in a client-server software architecture ) the good news breaking now is that is finally available for Windows OSes, while 'til today was MacOS only.

This new release should make even more accessible the game development for those studios and/or single professionals that couldn't afford a state of the art collection of software tools ( i.e. 3d game engine, import tools, shaders dev. toolkit...etc...)

Unity provides all what is needed to brew a good game...a good example of its features is available here:

Unity could be the right tool of the trade for those young companies or individuals who want to start developing for iPhone ( one of the most amazing iPhone games , Zombieville has been release thorugh Unity Please also find here the complete P.R. announcement:

"SAN FRANCISCO-Unity Technologies, provider of the revolutionary Unity development platform which enables console-quality games for the Web, iPhone and Nintendo® Wii, today announced the availability of Unity 2.5 for Windows. Now Unity 2.5 can be used for development under Windows Vista, XP and 2000 with 100% feature parity and interoperability with Mac OS X.

The Unity 2.5 development tool has been rebuilt to look, feel and function identically on both operating systems, each running the same underlying engine. Unity on either platform can build games for either platform - cross-platform development in the truest sense.

David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies said, “Starting today, Windows users can finally get their hands on our tech which has been used to create dozens of hit games and is being used by thousands of developers on the Mac. We have huge expectations of how far we and our community can go.”

Unity 2.5 includes:

* Even easier-to-use tools allowing rapid play, test and improvement of work
* A tabbed interface
* Precise navigation and placement of tools - new flythrough controls
* Information at a glance - detailed rendering stats of meshes; waveforms of audio clips; model file previews and much more
* Drag and drop 3ds Max support in addition to existing support for Maya, Blender and all other 3D apps
* Completely extensible toolset

The Unity tools have been hailed as revolutionary for democratizing game development in being used by big players like EA®, Cartoon Network, and Funcom, as well as thousands of indie developers, startups, hobbyists and students. Hundreds of commercial games have been developed with Unity, and more are launched every day.

Unity 2.5 will be on show at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from 23-27th March 2009. Stop by booth #5110 for a full demonstration"

More informations here:


  1. To develop a game is one of my dreams... I wish I'll have the time (and the right idea)!

  2. once you got the bright idea it's only a question of teamwork...find some mates to share your idea and download Unity to make some prototypes...it's the only way to take off!
    good luck