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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Kane & Lynch : twisted heroes of these ours twisted times

I feel sympatethic to these old, not-so-in-good-shape, rather nasty couple of men trying stay aline through a "serie of unfortunate events".
Besides their primeval look those are toughest and at the same time the more "human" videogames heroes i've never seen.

These anti-heroes are Kane and Lynch, well-draw characters of the take two of Kane & Lynch franchise from IO Interactive. According to the 18-years old clerk at local EB Games Shop, this game is quite repetitive, difficult to play due to bad controls and...will definitely make you throw up since its camera is something halfway between a rollercoaster and a drunk springbreaker in miami.

But i love it...and you , old family men around there , will love it too...i bet!

The story plot of "Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days" reminds me to some of the screenplays from old Tarantino's or Michael Mann's ones and the ShangHai rendering is something that immediately touch you in the deep of your sensorial systems...it would be enough just to cook some fish and fried vegetables while you're playing to get the feeling to actually STAY in China!

Moreover, the colour temperature and the camera movements ( stuck at our heroes back as a operator following the two during their adventures, jumping, shaking and rattling all the time ) let you stunned while you drive Kane and Lynch around for abandoned storages, dirty town sections, malls and whatever the videogames authors have "snapshot" from real life to game.
Speaking about snapshot...here's one from Kane's apartment while hosting his buddy Lynch ( and...no...i guess they're not gays...anyway this wouldn't be a problem for them to become your favourite anti-heroes isn't it? ):

Some other news i break to you are pretty outdated...Bruce Willis would likely play the character of Kane in a next "Kane & Lynch" movie...or that was the news spreaded around in the past...i guess Bruce with long hairs and some LBs more on his body would be an excellent psycho-killer.
Stay tuned...

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